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The Shifty Jack Ranch's Rates

By the Day

One Horse - $35 - Two Horses - $60

By the Week

One Horse - $150 - Two Horses - $280

By the Month

One Horse - $300 - Two Horses - $450

A typical day at the Shifty Jack Ranch

At the Shifty Jack we provide full care for your horse. But it's difficult to detail everything we do for the horses. So I will briefly just describe a normal day.

As soon as the sun peeks over the horizon, we are out with the horses. The horses prefer to feed together so we turn them all out and fill a bunch of feeders with hay. New horses are fed by themselves and kept separately. There is always one feeder per horse so everyone gets their share. We even have one horse that prefers to eat away from all the others. So we simply put her feeder in the other arena and she is happy.

Once they are eating, it's time to clean up. Everything they dropped in their stalls from the night before, is picked up and hauled off. The stalls are then cleaned an prepared for the evening. The stalls are normally closed off for the rest of the day so that they can air out and dry. However, if it's raining or snowing, the stalls are cleaned and the gates left open so the horses can find shelter in the barn.

Next is to check all of the water troughs. In the main arenas we keep a 70 and 50 gallon water trough. While the horses all have water in their stalls, they seem to prefer the big water troughs. While they are eating, its usually a good time for grooming. This is appreciated in the spring when their coats are thinning. We don't groom every day, but often enough to keep them looking good.

Beyond the two main arenas, we have several grazing areas. These are areas that grow wild and are the favorite areas for loafing. There is grass for grazing and trees for shade and scratching.

Around noon, the horses are fed again. They are usually fed wherever they happen to be. Usually in the main arenas,the grazing areas, or hunkered down in their stalls during bad weather.

When it starts to get dark, the horses are fed and put away for the night. Like the morning, the exact time varies according to the season. So during the winter, their turnout time is shorter then in the summer. The arenas are then picked up from the daytime "deposits". We keep a clean place!

That's the basics of their day. In between may also include training sessions, riding opportunities, vet or farrier visits, etc.. All of that along side normal ranch maintainance.

What do we Provide

Barn Protected Stalls
w/Arena access

Hay, three times a day

Large paddocks for exercise or training

Grazing Fields

Daily Exercise/Grooming

Mucking two times a day minimum (more as required)

Call Gail or Martin at 928-637-9970


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Want to go on Vacation?

So you want to go on vacation to Hawaii but can't figure out how to pack your horses. Just bring them over to the Shifty Jack Ranch. For all horses, we offer complete care and security. Your horses will think that they are on vacation.